ws01: mykonos


We experienced Greek hospitality and consumerism at its finest (and maybe at its lowest) while staying in Chora, Mykonos. If Santorini had a rustic vibe to it, Mykonos could definitely be described as chic and thrifty. Located right by the Old (ferry) Port of Mykonos, we were constantly surrounded by delicious seafood, salt air, and several stores.

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ws01: santorini


We spent five days in Santorini, three in the northern regions of the island (mostly Fira and some time in Oia) and two in southern area of the island, Perissa. By far I had the best time in Fira for its liveliness and beautiful sight of the sunset (with many vantage points to gaze at the sunset and the city basking in it).

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ws01: athens


We spent about three days in Athens (including our arrival and departure days). My first day there, I was completely by myself since we booked our flights separately and my flight was completely full. I arrived in Athens dehydrated, anxious, unable to speak/read the language and with a dead phone.

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wanderlust series i: greece, the introduction


As I look through the photographs I took nearly half a year ago in beautiful temperate weather, I’ve come to one conclusion: this trip cannot possibly be summarized in one post. I’ve decided that this one will serve as an introduction and the following entries will be summarized by region.

One major item on my forever growing bucket list is to travel somewhere new at least once a year; whether it’s a neighbouring town or flying across the globe, I’ve kept the terms exceptionally broad incase of work commitments and financial situation.

Up until this point, the only time I’ve ever been close to Europe was a layover en route to visiting family back east. To be quite honest, I’m not exactly sure why Greece called out to me as it did. Just about anyone whose spoken to me would affiliate cities like Paris, Prague or Brussels for my next adventure.

I’m not sure how it worked out but one way or another, in the winter of 2014, I promised myself that I’m going to spend my 25th birthday somewhere outside of Toronto. One way or another that lead to my ultimate decision of wanting to check out Greece.

We split Greece into three must-see regions: Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos.

the 5 w’s of CINDERULLAH


The blog aspect of my website will reflect some of my projects and interests but more importantly, for the sake of my heart and odd sense of humour, I plan on using it as an informal environment to discuss things that are on my mind as well as a reflection of my experiences.

I’m really excited to start doing this because so to speak, the idea of ~blogging~ (and maybe venture into vlogging?) has always been something I wanted to get into. I have a tumblr account and I also contribute to my joint venture blog with my sisters so I guess you can say this is something more for me, an expression of self-love and self-care. Self-indulgence. (A lot of selfs).

Now to answer the 5 w’s this entire post was about.

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